Use Your Talents to Change the World!

In 2016, Jewish Voice was able to see...


Patients Treated


Received Yeshua


LifeStraws Distributed


Eye Glasses Distributed

Be His Voice – Share

Even if you can’t come with us, you can still have a major impact in the lives of needy people by sharing this information with your doctors, friends, and church.

We know that not everyone can answer the call to go on an outreach. But there’s also a call to share about these life-changing adventures so that others can go! Without enough medical professionals, we can’t bring healing to these dear people. Without our clinics, we’re also missing the vital opportunity to share the eternal life-saving hope of Yeshua.

Will you answer the call to help us spread the word?


Be His Voice – Send

There’s a third way you can impact lives in the areas where we serve. Aside from the individual costs covered by each outreach partner for their own participation, these medical outreaches are an enormous expense.

Your contributions help send vital medication, medical supplies, and equipment into the field so that we can provide the physical and spiritual care these desperate people need. Answer the call to send!